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School Services

Tempo! provides individual music therapy and group music therapy in the school setting. The services may provided as a related service in the IEP (by decision of the IEP team), or may be programmatic (educational enrichment).

If the IEP team requests a music therapy assessment for a student, the assessment must be administered by a board-certified music therapist and include a written report for the IEP team to review. The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether music therapy is necessary for the student to better access his or her special education program.

If the school district decides to provide music therapy for educational enrichment, assessments are typically not conducted for individual students and music therapy goals are not listed on the students' IEPs. A description of the students' program may be included in progress reports or on the IEP.

Some examples of how Tempo! is currently working with schools:

  1. Weekly music therapy groups for autistic support classes
  2. Providing individual music therapy sessions as a related service in school
  3. Providing weekly individual music therapy sessions as a related service for homebound students

For more information on our school-based services, please contact us.